We start with a relaxed planning breakfast with Peter, our sports therapist and runner and Jane , our qualified triathlon coach , where we look at what you wish to achieve and decide your plan for the week.  We aim to train twice daily with plenty of time for rest in between as well as re-fuelling.  For those of you enjoying your training rides little village café’s are always a treat. We step up the intensity during the week until Thursday which is our rest day. Those wishing to enjoy a beach swim will have that opportunity Thursday morning and we also make sure you get to sample the best Italian seafood cuisine has to offer as well as heading off for an evening in the beautiful and up market Vasto . Friday is traditionally our race day split into swim bike and run. Given the race element, the tough terrain and the heat we plan a relaxed afternoon recovery with un guided bike rides and runs available should you wish it. Saturday involves a morning session before preparing your trip home. We take our training seriously but also our rest sessions and food.  Train rest eat.

Lago Di Bomba
Rolling Hills
valley views
Worth the effort
Discover mountain villages
Rural Abruzzo
Lago Di Bomba
Pennadomo rock
View from Villa Santa Maria
Time for lunch
Enjoy the beach and a sea swim